2021 Ride Leader Incentive Program


NEW 2021 Ride Leader Incentive Program
Historically, leaders who led 12 or more rides received recognition. The program has been revised to include leaders who have led a minimum of 5 rides. It also lets the leader decide what they want from our extensive selection in the NYCC Apparel Store

Here's how it works for 2021. 

Leaders will receive a $20 credit per 3 rides led after meeting the minimum requirement of 5 rides. The program is capped at $200 per leader.

For example, if you led 7 rides, you get a $40 credit towards items you choose. If you already bought a leader jersey with your 2020 incentive, now you can add a bib or a vest or a different jersey. There are lots of options.

Leaders who qualified in 2021 will receive an email from volunteer@nycc.org with a unique coupon code and the link to the store where you can buy NYCC apparel at cost.


Questions, email our Volunteer Coordinator at volunteer@nycc.org.