Who We Are

Photo: Brian Sullivan


Who We Are

New York Cycle Club provides outstanding bicycling activities for the enjoyment and education of members and guests.

  • Furthers bicycling as a means of recreation, transportation, fitness and health.
  • Works with and supports organizations that promote cycling to underrepresented populations and advocates for sustainable transportation solutions.
  • Builds bridges among the communities we live in and ride through. 
  • Promotes a welcoming, supportive community for our members and guests.
Tell Me More . . .
Founded in 1936, we are the largest recreational cycling club in the New York area. We are member-owned and 100% volunteer run.
We offer rides at all levels to our nearly 3,000 members, training programs, and racing teams. No matter if you just bought a bike a few weeks ago and are looking to get into cycling, or you are a seasoned racer, in NYCC you will find a home and a group of people sharing your skill level.


The Club offers daily rides, weekend excursions, a nationally-recognized spring training program, monthly meetings featuring important speakers in the field and a full calendar of special events, all in a friendly environment where you'll meet other, like-minded cycling New Yorkers of all ages.

Becoming part of our vibrant NYCC cycling community means getting in shape, making new friends and exploring the most beautiful routes in the tri-state area.

Try us for $1 for the first month, or commit to a full membership for $30 a year.