Spring Training: The 2022 A-SIG


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The A-SIG has merged with the A-Classic, see the A-Classic page for details about the program.

The A-SIG has merged with the A-Classic for 2023. See the A-Classic for details about the program.

The A-SIG Approach

The A-SIG is a 10-week training series that teaches group cycling skills for those interested in being A-level ridersOur goal is to produce Great Wheels, cyclists with whom everyone enjoys riding because their presence enhances safety, smoothness, predictability and fun, making it a better ride for the group.

The A-SIG teaches a specific style of cooperative group cycling in a fast, rotating paceline that emphasizes smoothness and safety, focusing on consistent effort rather than speed. In addition to learning how to ride confidently in close proximity to others, you’ll learn bike handling skills, techniques for climbing and descending, and tips for endurance riding, all while getting into great shape.

The 2022 A-SIG will progress gradually from a 50-mile local spin in March to a 100-mile century in May. We’ll climb challenging hills and cruise winding roads in tight, cooperative pacelines in Rockland, Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess, central New Jersey and Connecticut. While we favor paved roads, we also ride trails and dirt roads suitable for modern road bikes on many routes.

One recent A-SIG graduate called it “bootcamp on a bike” and we don’t disagree. But you will also have fun, riding with many different cyclists and meeting new friends in the NYCC.

Here’s what recent graduates say:

“The program was challenging, the leaders were very dedicated and supportive. Everything was highly organized and I learned a great deal.”

“I was looking for people to ride with but didn’t expect such a vigorous and well-organized program. I learned so much about becoming a steady and safe wheel and love riding in a paceline now whereas before I found it the most stressful thing ever.”

“I am a better rider as a result of the program. I thought I was pretty experienced and didn’t need that much. It was eye-opening. It was a pleasure to ride with so many good riders. I learned a lot just by watching them and that was further enhanced by the coaching.”

“I’ve always been intimidated by other cyclists. The group was welcoming even though I came to the first ride lacking in any real skills. I then learned how to improve these skills to become more comfortable – and now I feel like I belong among other cyclists.”


Time Commitment 

The A-SIG requires a significant time commitment. We ride every Saturday from March 19 to May 21 with Sundays as rain-dates. In March, you'll likely be home in the early afternoon but as routes get longer and we explore the beautiful terrain accessible via Metro North or NJ Transit, we will not return until late afternoon or early evening. During the week, participants are strongly encouraged to join A-SIG training laps in Central Park or Prospect Park on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, and everyone is expected to give back to the NYCC by leading at least one club ride after graduation or volunteering at a NYCC event. 

The A-SIG is a progressive series with each ride building up your skills, experience and fitness. That is why we expect participants to attend and complete all ten rides. The first two rides are mandatory (March 19 and March 26, or March 20/27 if weather delays them). Additionally, those who miss more than two rides or whose fitness or group cycling skills are not progressing sufficiently to meet program goals will be dismissed from the A-SIG (but are welcome to register again next year).


The A-SIG leaders are themselves graduates of the A-SIG, and many are also graduates or past leaders of the A-Classic SIG. They have a wealth of cycling experience and knowledge that they are eager to share, and throughout the program they will volunteer coaching and give instruction on bike handling and training techniques for cooperative group riding. Participants will get to ride with different leaders and participants each week as well as be assigned a mentor to convey feedback to help get the most out of the A-SIG program. 


Join Us This Spring!

For most participants, the A-SIG is challenging but enormously rewarding, and well worth the effort. While not everyone will complete the program, we will give you the tools to succeed in learning how to ride safely and smoothly in a fast, rotating paceline. After taking the A-SIG, many graduates go on to the A-Classic SIG, which offers a similar curriculum and coaching, refining group cycling skills but pushing you harder and faster than in the A-SIG, and the D-SIG, which teaches off-road riding.

Please read our FAQ for more information. If you have additional questions or concerns, feel free to contact this year’s A-SIG captains, Jeff Levine and Michael Gately, at asig@nycc.org .

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