NYCC Ride with GPS Benefit




What is Ride With GPS (RWGPS)

RWGPS is a mapping, route planning, and navigation software tool that can be accessed through their website,, and a mobile app. First time users have to register to open one of three tiers of account: Free and two paid accounts, Basic and Premium. To find out more about the rwgps plans, click here:

Why I should use RWGPS?

The RWGPS platform is for those who wish to ride confidently in new places without the worry of getting lost. The RWGPS app offers offline maps and turn by turn voice navigation. If you veer off course the app will notify you and aid to get you back on track.

With RWGPS you can:
  1. Easily create a new route, save it to your personal route library, and upload it to your GPS device as a .tcx, .fit, or .gpx file for turn by turn navigation. Or use offline voice navigation on the RWGPS app on your mobile phone.
  2. As all routes from everyone’s personal accounts are public, you can search RWGPS’ vast route library for route ideas from around the world.
  3. With the paid tiers, you can download offline and navigate with turn by turn voice navigation on the app for any route, print out cue sheets, get advanced turn notification on files for Garmins, and more.

How will the club's account benefit me?

The club account will benefit you if you currently have a free account with RWPS as the free account locks out navigational features that most riders find useful and that are available to club members for the over 600 rides in the club library.
For example, if you just have a free personal account and you upload a route to your GPS you will not receive advance notification of an upcoming turn, nor would you have voice navigation, or offline maps available on the mobile app—these features would be locked out. With a club account, these features and more are offered for all routes in the NYCC ride library.
The ride library is here:

How To Join The NYCC/RWGPS Club Account 

NYCC now has a Club Account with Ride with GPS that provides upgraded navigational benefits to our members if they have free personal RWGPS accounts.

An introduction video and further information on club benefits can be found here:

In addition, RWGPS is offering a 20% discount on annual subscriptions to any NYCC members who wish to upgrade their personal free accounts to basic or premium tiers. If you already have a paid personal account, use the code to get the discount when you renew. Even if your renewal is months away, you can enter the code now and it will automatically apply starting on the renewal date.

You can compare the three tiers of subscriptions here:

NOTE: NYCC members please see sidebar on the right of this page for code and other information.

Tips For Using The Club Account

When accessing a Ride Library route, all active club members of the NYCC/RWGPS club account will have access to upgraded navigation features not available on free accounts on all club routes and events, including:

  • Voice Navigation in the RWGPS mobile app. Get the RWGPS app for your smartphone, download the route and have turn-by-turn navigation, including voice navigation, when off-line (even when you don’t have cell service). You can, of course, also download the route to your GPS device using either a TCX or FIT file.
  • Offline Maps in the mobile app. Put your phone on airplane mode to save the battery and still follow the route.
  • PDF Maps + Cuesheets. You can still use the club’s Roboviva app to create a cuesheet (thank you, Mike Kocurek), or you can create your own cuesheet with or without maps from RWGPS.
  • Advanced Turn Notifications with TCX and FIT files. You can set how far in advance you want to be notified of a turn.  The default is 30 meters, but you can make it longer or shorter.
  • Estimated time.  Once you’ve uploaded one ride of at least 10 miles, to your RWGPS account which is needed to create a history of your general riding pace, the program will give you an estimated riding time for each route you access from our Library.  It will continue to update that estimate as you upload more rides, so that as you get stronger & faster your estimated time will go down.


 Club Event Rides. For all future club events, such as an All-Class 

Ride or Newcomers Ride, all routes will be available on that events page linked to our RWGPS club account.  You will be able to see all routes on a single map to compare them easily and be able to choose the route that’s appropriate for you.

 SIG & STS Routes.  We will be working with the leaders of our SIG & STS series to get routes into an easily accessible area.

 Using our Ride Library.

Our ride library is located here:

If members wish to search for routes by “region” we advise you to search from the NYCC website library and not the RWGPS club account library as the architecture of the NYCC website library has been designed for just that purpose.  To be clear, the RWGPS link from the NYCC library will offer members all of the upgraded benefits just as if they were accessing the route from the RWGPS club account library, but only if they have become members of the RWGPS club account.

 Note:  Your personal account is linked to the club account the moment you join the club account.  However you access a RWGPS link to a NYCC library ride, the upgraded benefits will happen automatically. And to be clear, if you don’t join the club account, you will be locked out these benefits if you have only a free personal account. 

 To Switch Between RWGPS Personal and Club Accounts

 From Personal to Club Account

 From your personal account dashboard on the left side after the menu choices, you will see the club logo.  Click on it.   That will take you to the club page.

 From Club to Private Account

From the club account page, click on the RWGPS logo in the upper left corner and you will be back on your personal account dashboard.

 Management of the RWGPS Club Account

Active members of the club will not be able to add or edit or make any changes to any route in the NYCC library. 

As always, if members have a new route they want to add to the library they should send it to the NYCC librarians Hank Schiffman, Carol Waaser and Bob Schmon, who will then work with you to add the ride to both the NYCC library and the RWGPS club account library. Email